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Learn How To Get Published BEYOND Your Personal Blog!

I experienced the benefits of being published on dozens of sites beyond my personal blog. In 2014 I started Beyond Your Blog, a site devoted to sharing tips and opportunities for getting published with other bloggers. I interview editors from publications like The Huffington Post, The Washington Post, and Scary Mommy every week, so they can share opportunities to submit writing, as well as the specific things writers need to know to get published on their websites. The lessons learned while submitting my own work (including my rookie mistakes!), networking with writers who want to get published, and interviewing editors, are neatly packaged into this course: 'Submission Savvy: The Beginner's Step By Step Strategy For Getting Published Online'. I can't wait to share it with you!

Susan Maccarelli

No more wondering how your fellow bloggers are getting published on popular websites, and no more frustration because no one is reading your writing on your personal blog. Whether you are looking to find your ideal audience, gain new followers, get paid for your writing or one of the many other benefits offered by being published beyond your personal blog, Submission Savvy will provide all the information you need to start submitting your work and getting published!

What You'll Learn via 8 self-paced recorded modules


Module 1: "Show Me The Benefits" explains why submitting your work and being published beyond your blog is awesome!


Module 2: "Where Do I Belong" teaches you how to target the right sites that are the best fit for YOUR writing


Module 3: "Republish Your Best Work" shows you exactly how to go about giving the posts on your personal blog a new and wider audience by submitting to sites that republish


Module 4: "Ready, Set, Submit!" details the Do's and Don'ts for submitting your work


Module 5: "Promote Like A Pro" walks you through what you need to know about promoting your work once it's published


Module 6: "Rejection As Momentum" discover the tips for handling rejection and turning it into a positive experience


Module 7: "Show Me The Paying Sites!" Everything you need to know about finding and understanding paid opportunities


Module 8: "Putting It All Together" Scheduling, tracking, and staying motivated

Course Materials

  • Submission Tracker Spreadsheet
  • Submission Savvy Course Guide for notes and assignments
  • Important Links discussed in each course module
  • Recommended Reading to support each course module
  • FAQ
  • Glossary of Submission Terms
Who Submission Savvy Is For: Newer bloggers and writers who want a step by step process for submitting their writing and getting published, and more experienced bloggers and writers who are new to submitting their writing for publication.

Who Submission Savvy Is NOT For: Bloggers who are looking for a workshop to improve their writing, or those who already have numerous bylines to their credit and active freelancers.

What people are saying about working with Susan

I have learned more from Susan in the last 10 days than in all the tortured hours I groped alone trying to "get it." Above and beyond the modules, she has had held my hand and guided me through endless email conversations. (Delete this part Susan if you don't want people to know you baby your clients!). I can not recommend Submission Savvy enough. She could re-name it, "Sanity Saver!"Leslie Blanchard of A Ginger Snapped
Susan’s course helped me develop an achievable strategy for my growth as a writer. Through setting realistic goals, exploring different publishing opportunities, fostering existing relationships with editors, how to promote my work once it is published, and how to layout my featured writing page. The submission tracker spreadsheet is an invaluable tool—that has helped me stay organized, focused, and on track for my next projects. The submission savvy course streamlines the whole submission process for you and makes you excited to start submitting your work!Crystal Duffy of The Duffy Diary
Beyond Your Blog provided an invaluable service, which I fully credit for not only my first feature, but my first viral post. 20,000 shares and counting. Thanks BYB!Mary Katherine Backstrom (Mom Babble)
I just want to give you a BIG thank you for all you do. Thanks to Beyond Your Blog & the incredibly helpful FB community you created, I wrote, submitted and got paid for my first piece of writing in about 10 years. (I recently jumped back into freelance writing after a 10-year hiatus to raise & homeschool my kids.) I forgot how great and empowering it feels to write and get paid. And I never would have found these online markets if it weren't for Beyond Your Blog. So thank you, from the bottom of my writer's heart.Lisa Kaminski Beach Tweenior Moments

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Susan's Personal Recommendations on Where To submit YOUR writing - Susan will personally read one piece of your choice and provide 3 recommendations for where to submit it.